Upcycle your Trash with Terracycle and Eliminate the Idea of Waste

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Founded in 2001 by Tom Szaky, Terracycle is an award winning international upcycling and recycling company that collects hard to recycle items and transforms them into clean, usable materials and products.  Terracycle collects products such as candy wrappers, cigarette butts, chip bags, toothbrushes, old shoes, ewaste, dairy containers and a lot more and then upcycles them into items such as lunchboxes, binders, furniture, notebooks, gift items and more

How Does it Work:

  • Lead or Join a Brigade: Log onto their website and sign up to lead or join a brigade; Terracycle currently has over 40 different brigades including dairy brigade, writing instrument brigade, elmer’s glue brigade and ewaste brigade
  • Collect the Waste: Collect your waste in a clean, dry area with your family or with your school, office or your community
  • Send them your Waste: When you have collected at least the minimum quantity of waste, download a pre-paid mailing label from Terracycle’s website and drop your donation off at any UPS
  • Collect your Points: Terracycle awards you with Terracycle points that can be redeemed in the form of charitable donations to the non-profit or school of your choice.

Presently, Terracycle collects waste from the U.S as well as 22 other countries around the globe. Because of the efforts of Terracycle, over 2,505,843,106 units of trash were saved from landfills, virgin materials are being saved and over $5,647,129.10 has been rewarded to charities and schools. Upcycling with Terracycle is a wonderful way to be a part of the change instead of the cause; it is a prideful way to encourage, inspire and educate. Terracycle’s upcycled products are available for purchase on their website as well as at Wal Mart, Target, Amazon and other online entities. Visit them today, join a brigade and be a part of the change.

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