Top 4 Eco-friendly Feminine Care Alternatives

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We women of childbearing years know all to well of the products that help to keep us dry and secure in the 3 to 7 days of unpleasant leaking. Pads and tampons are the most common forms of femcare, nevertheless, as popular as pads and tampons may be, they are not the safest or the cleanest.

Next to diapers, pads and tampons are the most polluting personal care product currently degrading the landfills. Statistics show that the average women disposes of up to 17,000 disposable femcare throughout their life. Not only are they polluting, traditional femcare can also be harmful to our health. The chemicals used during manufacturing the process can alter the PH balance of the vagina, which can cause the growth of yeast infection, vaginitis and polyps while causing disruption to the reproductive organs. Below are the top 4 eco-friendly feminine care alternatives that are not only effective at keeping you dry and comfortable, they are also less polluting and more natural.

Top 4 Eco-friendly Feminine Care Alternatives:

  1. Biodegradable Varieties: If you prefer disposable femcare, be sure to choose a variety that is naturally biodegradable and is made with zero synthetic additives. Natracare is a great brand – they offer pads, tampons and liners that will biodegrade back into the earth naturally. Their products are also packaged in recyclable materials.
  2. Reusable Pads: Quality reusable pads are light, absorbent and durable. They will save you money and generate less pollution. Peepods offers a line of reusable pads that are made from absorbent flannel and hemp fleece. One pad will keep you dry all day long.
  3. Sea Sponge Tampons: Sea sponge tampons are actual sea sponges than can be inserted and used in the place of conventional tampons. They are naturally very absorbent, comfortable, soft and reusable for up to 6 months.
  4. Feminine Cups: Feminine cups are inserted in the vagina to collect the menstruation – once full, the cup is removed to be cleansed and used again. They are flexible, comfortable, less polluting and pain free.


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