The Downside of Wearing Conventional Makeup plus a DIY Natural Makeup Roundup

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diy natural makeup

There are two reasons for wearing makeup – to enhance particular features, and to cover-up unpleasant flaws. The lipsticks are effective at plumping subtle lips, while the eyeliner accentuates the eyes and the blushes rosey the cheeks. Makeup has the somewhat mystical ability to strengthen self-confidence while completing a particular “look”, however, as good as makeup is to the external appearance, it can certainly wreak havoc on the internal.

A large majority of conventional cosmetics are known for clogging pore, encouraging acidity and degrading the environment. Wearing makeup continuously can cause the formation of bacteria, while the subconscious licking of lipstick can encourage free radicals to multiply. The chemical formula of cosmetics can also cause organ and cell imbalances while also polluting the environment. Alas, there are many ways to be more sustainable in your cosmetics practices – applying sparingly, purchasing natural makeup, recycling your old makeup, and cleansing your face and brushes thoroughly are some of the ways to be a more ethical makeup wearer. Another way to be to more sustainable in your makeup practices, is to make it yourself.

There are many ingredients derived from nature that can be used to create natural makeup that are effective at enhancing and covering up. Instead of being a degrader, these natural ingredients actually nurture the skin, the core and the environment. Below are 8 great DIY natural makeup recipes for you to try.

8 DIY Natural Makeup Recipes:

1a Non-toxic Black Eyeliner by Beauty by Britanie


1 Homemade Bronzer by Thank your Body

SONY DSC Violet Cream Eye shadow by Soap Deli News


3 Red Rose Lipstick by Humblebee and Me



4 Natural Makeup Remover by Daily Mom


5 Liquid Foundation by Coco’s Well


6 Powder Foundation by A Blossoming Life


7 Makeup Brush Cleaner by Indian Beauty Spot










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