Tea Tree Oil and Green Tea Acne Face Wash

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1While changes in hormones are often major factors in the presence of acne, the most common cause of acne in adults is bacteria infested pores. The pores often become infested with bacteria due to ineffective facial regimen, dehydrated skin and poor diet. So to kill bacteria you must eat foods that promote healthy skin, drink at least eight glasses of water and wash your face with natural formula that kill those pesky bacteria spores. This natural acne facial wash does just that without the intrusion of unnatural and synthetics; it combines pure castle soap with antibacterial tea tree oil and coconut oil and skin loving green tea and raw honey. It is gentle and effective at killing acne causing bacteria while shrinking pores and promoting beautiful skin.

Tea Tree Oil and Green Tea Acne Face Wash

Ingredients and Equipment:


  • Brew one bag of natural green tea in a ½ cup of hot water. Allow to cool to room temperature, set aside.
  • Pour castle soap and glycerin in a medium sized bowl, set aside.
  • If needed, melt raw honey and coconut oil and allow to cool slightly. Pour cooled honey/coconut oil into castle soap and glycerin mixture.
  • Use the spatula to fold the honey and coconut oil into the soap, set aside.
  • Discard tea bag from the cooled green tea, and then slowly pour into castle soap mixture. Fold with spatula.
  • Add the drops of tea tree oil. Fold to incorporate.
  • Transfer face wash into a clean bottle or container

How to Use:

  • Pour a dime size amount of wash into hands and apply to damp face in a gentle circular motion, avoiding eyes and lips.
  • Leave the wash on your face for up to 2 minutes then rise off with warm water and pat dry.

*for best results, use this wash twice a day. This acne facial wash has a lifespan of up to three months and can be stored in room temperature*