Throughout the Day Meditations for Busy Peace Seekers

Throughout the Day Meditations for Busy Peace Seekers

Many people are attracted to the idea behind meditation, to connect the body with the mind and the soul in an effort to achieve inner peace. However, many are intimidated by the practice because they deem it more complicated than it actually is. There is no one single way to practice meditation; a quite setting is helpful, but not necessary, soothing music is great, but its not needed. All that is required, is a mind that is open and free.

As life gets busier and busier, stress levels are at an all time high, however, if you take five minute breaks throughout your day to preform the simple meditation exercises below, you will be rewarded with inner tranquility, confidence, peace, hopefulness and happiness.

Throughout the Day Meditations for Busy Peace Seekers:

Morning Meditation:

  • Before you rise out of bed, close your eyes and breathe in slowly and deeply.
  • Clear your mind and relax every part of your body.
  • Continue breathing in deeply while repeating these mantras in your mind: “I am thankful to be alive”, “today will be a great day”, “I am strong and I am confident”, “my mind is free of doubt, worry and stress”.
  • Repeat at least five times while remaining relaxed and deep in breath.
  • Slowly rise and begin your day.

Shower Meditation:

  • Dry brush your skin to generate the release of good mood endorphins.
  • Next, turn on the water and begin to breathe in slowly and deeply.
  • Let the water wet your skin while you continue your relaxing deep breathing.
  • Next, soap your skin in a massaging circular motion. As you soap, imagine that the suds are your stresses, fears, doubt and anxieties.
  • As you rinse the soap off, imaging that you are rinsing off those negative feelings.
  • Continue breathing deeply as you visualize all of your upsets being washed down the drain, leaving you feeling lighter and more free.

Mealtime Meditation:

  • Be completely connected with the process of eating your lunch that is filled with vitamins, minerals, protein and enzymes.
  • Distance yourself from distraction and chew slowly and thoroughly before swallowing.
  • As you swallow, visualize the food going into your organs and your cells, giving it nourishment.
  • Visualize the food making you stronger, more energetic, healthier and more attractive in everyway.
  • Finish your meal with thoughts of positivity and total health.

Chaotic Setting Meditation:

  • This meditation is perfect if you should find yourself in a situation that is chaotic and stressful, in a situation such as a household argument, workplace drama, crowded bus or dealing with irritable kids.
  • Begin by closing your eyes and internally removing yourself from the situation.
  • Allow your mind to take you away from the situation by breathing in deeply and repeating these affirmations: “I am peaceful, I am free”, “I can get through and I will get through”.
  • Repeat these affirmations at least five times and then return to present with feelings of hope and peace.

Nighttime Meditation:

  • Before your go to bed at night, close your eyes and breathe in deeply while relaxing your body.
  • Find the good things that happened this day and allow yourself to be thankful for them. These good things can be anything; from something as big as a promotion or as little as a great parking spot. Whatever it is, focus on it and be thankful.
  • Next, repeat these affirmations in you mind: “I will sleep peacefully tonight”, “my mind is free of negativity,  stress and worry”.
  • Repeat at least five times and allow yourself to drift off to sleep.

Training your mind to be peaceful takes dedication and continual practice, preform these meditation exercises everyday to be rewarded inner peace regardless of your external situation.