The Downside of Purchasing Coconut Palm Sugar plus a Faux Coconut-Sugar Recipe

2Coconut palm sugar is the latest derivative of the ever-giving coconut tree, it is a delicious and healthier alternative to traditional sugar, however it does have an ugly side. You see, to produce coconut sugar, the sap is collected from the coconut trees which in turn enables the tree from producing coconuts. No coconuts means: no coconut oil, no coconut water, no coconut flour, no coconuts period. So, as yummy as coconut palm sugar might be, its ugly side can eventually lead to the extinction of the ever-giving tree. Nevertheless there is still a way to enjoy the nutty taste of coconut sugar – make it yourself! Below is a quick recipe for faux coconut sugar that is low on the glycemic index and packed with properties that can improve bone density, repair and prevent cavities, detox the body of bad bacteria and provide lasting energy.

Faux Coconut-Sugar Recipe:

Ingredients and Equipment


  • Pour all the ingredients in the bowl and fold to incorporate,
  • Transfer to the container and store in a cool, dry place

How to use:

  • This faux coconut sugar can be used in any instance that regular sugar would have been used.
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