Environmental Appreciation – 8 Fun Facts about Algae


Green AlgaeWhen most of us think about algae, the image of gross scum floating in our ponds and fish tanks usually comes to mind. However, algae doesn’t exist to be a pollutant, in fact, algae are the exact opposite… algae happens to be the most important organisms on the planet.

8 Fun Facts about Algae:

  1. Algae are a massive, diverse group of organisms that photosynthesis their energy from the sun, breath in CO2 and respires oxygen in the daylight and breath in oxygen and out CO2 at night.
  2. There are over 3000 different species of algae living among us – they can be found floating in both fresh water and salt water. Some species like to chill in the soil while other species live in the fur of animals, on the barks of trees and even glide with the clouds.
  3. There are seven different divisions of organisms that make up algae – they are grouped according to pigment, cellular walls, and carbohydrate compound.
  4. If algae didn’t exist, neither would we – algae produces over 70 percent of the earth’s oxygen. They cleanse the earth of carbon dioxide and remove heavy metals from the water.
  5. Algae is at the beginning of the food chain for all sea life as well as many other animals.
  6. Seaweed is the largest marine algae in existence – many forms of seaweed such as kelp and spirulina are highly nutritious and classed as a superfood.
  7. Algae-based fuel is being called the biofuel of the future – many species of algae can eradicate the use of highly polluting fossil fuel. Additionally, algae-based plastics are being manufactured as a sustainable, biodegradable alternative to petroleum-based plastic.
  8. Algae bloom is a population explosion that can occur due to agricultural run-off and extreme oceanic pollution. Algae bloom can set off a negative chain reaction that can deplete the oxygen content in the water and cause many species of fish to die. Algae bloom can also be harmful to other animals, plant life, and humans.

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