Simple Green Tea Ice Cubes

Simple Green Tea Ice CubesNatural green tea possesses powerful antioxidant properties that can help strengthen the immune system, shorten sick time, fight free radicals and release good mood endorphins. Green tea has also been praised for helping to balance the PH level of the hair, skin and mouth while also aiding both the digestive and the metabolic process.

The best way to reap the benefits of green tea, is to drink frequent cups of it, you can also make a jug of it and store it in the refrigerator to sip on warmer days. Another way I like to enjoy green tea is by infusing it in other drinks in the form of ice cubes. Green tea ice cubes can dropped into fresh lemonade or added to smoothies or fruit juices for a quick antioxidant boost.

Simple Green Tea Ice Cubes

Ingredients and Equipment:


  • Pour the green tea into the ice cube trays and freeze until ready to use

How to use:

  • Drop a few cubes into your drinks and enjoy, or add some into your smoothies and blend until smooth.