10 Ways to Use Electricity more Sustainably


One of the first things that usually comes to mind when discussing matters of environmental degradation is electricity usage – it is an unfortunate fact that the relationship between the two is a mostly negative one. 

Due to electricity’s contribution to harmful greenhouse gas emissions, it has been marred as one of our top environmental offenders. Regardless of that, society relies heavily on electricity for many instances in life, so we can never completely get rid of it. However, we can learn how to use electricity more sustainably. By using electricity more sustainably we can drastically decrease the amounts of emissions released while also inspiring a restored eco-system. Below are ten practical ways to use electricity more sustainably.

10 Ways to Use Electricity more Sustainably:

  1. Insulate the home: Insulating the home can reduce your carbon footprint while also saving you money on your electricity bill. Insulate your home by filling in all your air leaks, updating your windows and doors, and also by planting shady-trees and hanging energy efficient blackout curtains throughout the home.
  2. Invite in natural light: The obvious benefit to inviting in natural light is that you won’t have to rely on turning on the lights. Consider installing skylights in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, and pull your curtains back whenever possible.
  3. Switch electricity companies: You can switch electricity companies easily by requesting a quote at http://localelectricitycompanies.com and going from there. Shopping around for other electricity companies will educate you on renewable energy options, additionally, switching companies may also be more cost efficient.
  4. Green your laundry: The first thing that you should do is, update your washer and dryer to more energy efficient varieties. Additionally, strive to wash your clothing only when you have full loads. Use cold water when laundering as more energy is spent when hot water is used. Replace your dryer sheets with more eco-friendly wool dryer balls – wool dryer balls can cut down on dryer time, release static, and they are reusable.
  5. Turn it off: Invest in a few power strips with an on an off option and get into the habit of switching your technology items off when not in use. Additionally, turn off your lights when you leave the room.
  6. Go outside: One of the easiest ways to be a sustainable electricity consumer is by not using it at all. Go outside more often. Visit parks and trails with your family, or go for walks and runs more often
  7. Light candles: Light a few candles instead of turning on the lights, however, you must purchase soy based candles because most conventional candles are formulated with the fossil fuel, petroleum. While lighting conventional candles will save you from using electricity, doing so will add to CO2 emissions.
  8. Update your gadgets: Update all of your electrical gadgets to more energy efficient varieties. Update your computers, TVs, exercise equipment, kitchen appliance, laundry appliances and other gadgets.
  9. Solar energy: Purchase or lease solar lighting panels to be more energy efficient and also to save money. Additionally, you can purchase solar powered flashlights, lamps, chargers and even solar powered outdoor cookers.
  10. Turn down water heater: Turn down your heater to 120 degrees instead of keeping it at 140. Turning the heater down not only curbs energy usage, do so also slows down mineral buildup.

It doesn’t take very much to be a sustainable electricity consumer. Adopting the tips above can help you reduce your carbon footprint, inspire demand for more sustainable options, and help make the world a greener place to live.