Shopping Guide: Eco-friendly Craft Suppliers

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Jewelry making, painting, sewing, drawing and so much more are all beautiful forms of crafting. Crafting can be the most rewarding form of therapy for both kids and adults. There is just something so lovely about creating something by hand, however most traditional craft supplies are harsh on the environment. The glues are made with toxic formulas and animal byproducts, paints are synthetically dyed and exude polluting VOCs, plastic beads are hard to recycle and varnishes are loaded with harsh chemicals.

The answer is not to give up the crafting that you love now that you are living greener, the answer is to find more sustainable craft supplies.There are Greener supplies available that are made from materials that are organic, natural, recycled, upcycled and biodegradable, below is a quick guide to help you find them.

Shopping Guide: Eco-friendly Craft Suppliers:

1Amazon: Although Amazon is not strictly an eco-friendly shopping place, they do carry an impressive inventory of sustainable alternatives. You can greener paints, glues, beads, paper, paint brushes and fabric and tons more all at amazon.




1Abes Market: Abes Market carries an impressive list of alternative arts and craft supplies from various vendors.





1Buy Green: You can find Non-VOC paints and eco varnishes at Buy Green.




1Earth Safe Finishes: Earth Safe Finishes carries an massive inventory of eco paints, varnishes and dyes all formulated with non-toxic, non-VOC and water based ingredients. The dyes are created with vegetable and plant based derivatives.



1Green Apple Supply: You can find eco-friendly glue, markers, recycled rubber erasers, color pencils and recycled paper all at Green Apple Supply.




1Darn Good Yarn: You can find a wide assortment of reclaimed fabrics and fibers, upcycled notions, fair trade ribbons and yarns at Darn Good Yarn.


1Eco Choices: You can find plant based beeswax, handmade paper, soy crayons, hemp watercolor paper, organic yarns and viscose sponges at Eco Choices.


1Ebay: Ebay is one of the best places to find vintage fabric and knick knacks to upcycle. It is also a great idea to shop for organic and eco paints and such on ebay to save money on buying retail



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