Review of Mommy’s Bliss Natural Kids Nausea Relief

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 Review of Mommy's Bliss Natural Kids Nausea Relief

A few weeks ago I received Mommy’s Bliss Natural Upset Tummy and Nausea Relief for Kids to review, and now I would like to tell you what I think of it. This remedy is formulated with the use of organic ginger, catnip, peppermint, dill and fennel. It is safe for little ones two years and older, and it contains zero gluten, soy, dairy or alcohol. It should be used to help ease symptoms of indigestion, gas, nausea and occasional stomach discomfort.

I drank one of the single does packs, and I like the flavor of it, and the fact that it has virtually no aftertaste. It doesn’t taste medicine-like or chalky; instead, it has a naturally smooth flavor and texture that will be easy for kids to drink. I have yet to give it to my daughter because she hasn’t been experiencing symptoms that require this supplement, but the formula of ingredients leads me to believe that it will be effective at restoring balance and easing such symptoms. Ginger and peppermint are excellent for balancing the PH levels of the GI tract and fennel soothes flatulence.

A Little Bit About Mommy’s Bliss: Mommy’s Bliss was founded by RN and mother of three, Roshan Kaderali in 1999. It is her mission to offer moms and their little ones, safe, effective and all natural remedies to common ailments. In addition to their nausea relief, Mommy’s Bliss also offers Gripe Water and Sweet Slumber Baby Wash and Cream. Check them out on their website to make purchase and for more information, and be sure to keep up with them on facebook and twitter.

Disclosure: I received a complementary sample to review, however, the opinions above are my own.