Review of Ginnybakes Healthy and Yummy Snacks

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Review of ginnybakes healthy snacks

When the conventional consumer thinks of snacks that are healthy, organic, gluten free, non-GMO, wholesome, kosher and vegan – words like “yummy” and “delicious” don’t typically enter their mind, in fact, words like “yuck” and “inedible” sounds truer. The fact is, when I first started out eating cleaner, I had a hard time finding healthy snacks that taste good, I tried a lot of brands that promised health and yummy-goodness and I was disappointed more than not. Nevertheless, I kept on searching until I found a collection of wellness snack brands that I actually crave, and now I have one more brand to add to that list.

A few weeks ago I received a generous sample of  cookies, bake mixes, snack bars and minis from a wonderful wellness snack brand by the name of Ginnybakes – founded in 2010 by Ginny Simon, Ginnybakes is the result of the founder wanting to share her passions for nutritious snacking and healthy living. It was her mission to offer snacks to the world that were both healthy and delicious, and she has certainly done just that.

The snacks offered by Ginnybakes are handmade with the use of organic, non-GMO and kosher ingredients, and there are many vegan-friendly options available. The Ginnybars are great – I’ve been eating them after workouts and in between meals as a tide-over, and I toss a few in my husband’s lunch kits. My daughter’s favorite Ginny-snacks so far is the chocolate chip love mini cookies and the butter crisps. It is hard for me to pick a favorite because they are all so good, but the box of chocolate chip oatmeal bliss cookies where the first to go. They are generously stuffed with dark chocolate and toasted coconut, not too sweet and with the perfect touch of spice in the background -yum indeed.

The bake mixes are quick and easy to make – Ginnybakes did all the hard work, we just have to stick it in the oven and indulge in healthy goodness when it’s done. I have made the Lovely Brownie Bake Mix and the Peace, Love and Crumble Muffin mixes with my daughter so far and they too are yummy. They don’t taste like they came out of a box, in fact, you can actually taste the quality in the ingredients.

My family and I were really impressed by the massive selection of snacks and mixes to choose from, and I appreciate the dedication and the time that is spent in formulating yummy flavors that are healthy and kid friendly. We proudly added Ginnybakes to our ethical shopping guide for supplying us with non-GMO, organic and healthy snack options. Visit Ginnybakes on their website to make purchase as well as to find local retailers and for more information. Be sure to follow them on facebook and twitter for continual insights.

Disclosure: We received a complementary  sample to facilitate this review from Green Moms Meet, the opinions above are our own.