Recycle Almost Everything

recycle almost everythingRecycling is one of our best defenses against the garbage that we generate. We have compiled a handy recycling guide to help you find organizations that accepts your salvagables. If you know of any recycling organization that is not on our list, please contact us and we will gladly add them.

General Recycling Centers:

Recycle Multiple Items:

  • Terracycle: Terracycle accepts various unconventional recyclables through their mail-back program such as cigarette butts, worn-out shoes, writing equipment, food pouches, glue packaging, diaper packaging, personal care packaging, cork and snack bags.
  • Mattress Recycling: Mattress Recycling accepts mattresses as well as kitchen appliances, computers, office equipment, automotive items and more in the Portland Washington Metro Area.
  • Longmont: Longmont accepts drop-off’s of cooking oil, automotive oil, car batteries and plastic bags such as shopping bags, dry cleaner bags, zip lock bags and grocery bags.

Various Types of Plastic:

  • Preserve: Preserve accepts number 5 plastic in the form of yogurt cups and food storage containers. They also accept Keurig Vue Cups, Burts Bees lip balm tubes, Brita filters, as well as, preserve brand toothbrushes, disposable razors.
  • Terracycle: Terracycle accepts plastic food pouches, food packaging, water filters, cheese packaging, writing instruments, personal care packaging and more.
  • Plasticycle: Plasticycle accepts industrial plastic waste in the form of crates, trays, poly pipes, shrink wrap and more.
  • It’s in the Bag: It’s in the Bag accepts clean grocery and retail bags, plastic wrap, shrink wrap, dry cleaning bags, bread bags, cereal bags and more.

Mercury Containing Batteries and Florescent Light Bulbs:

CDs and DVDs:

Tech Products:

TV Recycling:

Appliance Recycling:

Game System Recycling:


Cooking Oil:

Automotive & Hazardous Waste:

Clothing and Shoes:






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