Pretend your Way to High Self Confidence + A Mini-Zine Giveaway

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High self-confidence can be described as a bodacious belief in oneself. People who walk around wearing their self-confidence life a powerful armor know their self-worth, and they truly believe that there is nothing too big or scary for them to tackle. There is such beauty in self-belief, however, a large percentage of the world lack self-confidence. Constant disappointments and negative abuse can drain one’s confidence levels and replace it with fear and self-doubt. Thankfully though, self-confidence can be learned and mastered, but first, you may have to pretend. Below are ten ways to pretend your way to high self-confidence…

Pretend your Way to High Self Confidence:

  • Find your cheerleaders: You need to find entities that believe in your worth, and your first cheerleader has to be you. Right now, at this moment affirm to yourself that you will kill the seeds of doubt and fear, and feed the seeds of positivity and confidence. Say that you are confident even if you do not mean it. Say that you will win even if you don’t feel it. Additionally, look to teachers, peers, and life coaches to rally behind your efforts. Look at motivational videos and read inspirational quotes.
  • Face those fears: Facing your fears doesn’t guarantee success, but running away from them will guarantee failure. Do the things that you are afraid of, and the fear will begin to subside.
  • Look at your progress: Do not look at how far you have left to go, instead, look at how far you have come. Even if your progress is minimal. Once you focus on your progression, you will be inspired to do more.
  • Speak it into reality: Say to yourself, “I will accomplish my goals”, “I can do this because I am equal to and ready for anything that comes my way”.
  • Keep on trying: Disappointments and failures doesn’t mean you should give up – keep on trying to reach the stars and eventually you will.
  • Be grateful: You may want to complain about your life and speak ill about yourself, but don’t. Quiet your mind and pretend to be grateful – be grateful that you are alive, that you eat every day and that you have clothing on your back. Be grateful for your job, your family and yourself. Be grateful for the guy that held the door open for you, or for the little girl that waved at you. Once you open your eyes and see that life is full with opportunities to be grateful you will find less to complain about and your confidence will begin to grow.
  • Zen your life: Let go of clutter – free your mind of thought and embrace the lightness of living zen-fully.
  • Positive opposites: Say you can when you think you cannot, say your positive when you are feeling negative, smile when you feel like frowning and laugh when you feel like crying. Practicing positive opposites will calm your mind, release good mood endorphins and build confidence.
  • Spoil yourself: You have to treat yourself the way you want the world to treat you. Spoil yourself rotten because you deserve it. Update your wardrobe often, eat healthy, exercise daily, get your hair and your nails done, watch great movies, take mini-breaks and just keep telling yourself how awesome you think you are.
  • Keep good company: Make an effort to keep good company – avoid the gossipers and the downers, instead, find comradery in people who speak happiness and exude their own confidence.

Be patient with your attempts to grow in confidence for it is a habit that you have to master. Check out my pinterest board for confidence-related quotes and content.

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