Non-Dairy Hot Chocolate Slushie with Cayenne and Cinnamon

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Non-Dairy Hot Chocolate Slushie

Cayenne pepper and chocolate seems to be an unlikely couple, however, they certainly bring out the best in each other. Somehow the complex flavors of cocoa powder and dark chocolate complements the spice of cayenne. This refreshing non-dairy hot chocolate slushie is the perfect healthy option to cool down your hot days. It’s crammed full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and properties to boost your mood, shoo away depression and inflammation, jump-start the metabolism and satisfy the taste buds.

Non-Dairy Hot Chocolate Slushie with Cayenne and Cinnamon

Ingredients and Equipment:


  • Ready the pot on a low flame and then add in the non-dairy milk.

  • Allow the milk to heat to an almost-boil and then kill the heat.

  • Add in the dark chocolate and the cocoa powder – whisk to incorporate.

  • Next,  add in the cayenne pepper, agave nectar, cinnamon and vanilla – whisk to incorporate.

  • Taste – adjust the sweetness level if necessary.

  • Allow the hot chocolate to cool to room temperature and then transfer to the awaiting blender.

  • Place the brew into the freezer and allow to freeze.

  • Once frozen, attach the blender and pulse a few times to create a slushie.

  • Transfer the slushie to the awaiting tumbler, garnish with shaved dark chocolate and enjoy.