Naturally Increase Indoor Air Quality and Eliminate Odors

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788400The rapidly growing air freshener industry is constantly offering us some fancy new odor eliminator with advanced technology that is supposed rid our indoor air of foul smelling odors. It is supposed to break up the odor and replace it with fresh air. But seriously, can a canister of rose smelling chemicals really eliminate odor and boost air quality? The answer is of course, No. in fact, about 95% of the air fresheners currently on the market which includes sprays, gels, plug-ins and candles simply cover the odor while lowering the quality of the air even more than the stinky odor does.

The fragrances used in conventional air fresheners trick our senses to believe that the offensive odor is gone while the chemicals used in its makeup degrades the air, posing negative risks to our health. Such products are a waste of money; it is a bandage that masks the odors, harms the environment and damages out health.

It is extremely important to breathe clean air, if you are consistently breathing in poor quality air then internal toxicity, allergies, breathing problems, developmental issues and slow metabolism can begin to set in. For your health and for the health of the environment, your children and pets, throw away all of your conventional air fresheners now and follow the natural tips below

 Naturally Increase Indoor Air Quality and Eliminate Odors:

  • Eliminate the source: The first step to effective elimination is to find the source of the odor, dispose of it and open a window.
  • House Plants: Plants are often known as nature’s air fresheners, certain plants will absorb heavy metals and harsh chemicals from the air which drastically improves the air quality.
  • Natural Salt Lamps: The many positive effects of natural Salt Lamps have been harvested for hundreds of years. When warmed, the negative ions in salt lamps are charged which inspires the purification of the air.
  • Activated Charcoal: First used in wars long gone, due to its ability to remove heavy metals and toxins in the body, activated charcoal was taken internally by soldiers who were exposed to poisonous gases. Much like house plants, activated charcoal absorbs the cause of the odor which cleans the air.
  • Ditch the Synthetics: Switching to candles free of petroleum and unnatural fragrances will not eliminate odors 100% but it also will not pollute the air, which makes soy based candles and other alternatives the more Eco-friendly options.
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