National Let it Go Day – 3 Easy Ways to Forgive

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National Let it Go Day - 3 Easy Ways to Forgive

Today, June 23rd is National Let it Go Day, a beautiful day of reflection and renewal, as we make the deliberate effort to simply let go of the grudges we may hold. Holding on to grudges and pains is the easiest way to demean our life’s – doing so can encourage feelings of anger, depression and hate. Being angry can cause us to distrust and mistreat the good people in our lives, and it can hold us back from living the beautiful life that we should be living…

3 Easy Ways to Forgive

  • Forgiveness Affirmation: It can be hard to forgive, especially if the wounds are still fresh. Holding on to hurt will keep you a prisoner – however, once you forgive, you will be set free. Forgiveness may take time, so be patient with your efforts – sit or lay in a comfortable position, and allow your body to become completely relaxed. Begin to take slow, deep inhalations and exhalations, think about the people or situations that you wish to forgive and recite the words “I forgive you, I am Free”. Repeat these words up to 10 times or until you feel yourself become lighter – the lightness you feel is the burden of grudge lifting off of you. Repeat this exercise whenever you may need it.

  • Learn from them: There are positives hiding inside every negative situation, it is up to you to find those positives and learn from them. Use your upsets to make yourself better not bitter.

  • Be Happy: Life is too short to be anything but happy! You are in charge of your own happiness, therefore, you have the power to not allow hurtful actions steal your happiness away. Don’t dwell on the hurt, instead, do more of the things that make you happy, and eventually the hurts won’t have the power to hurt you anymore.

Life isn’t always fair – there will be many times when we become assaulted by moments of hurt and disappointment, in those moment we have to reach inside, find our strength and simply let them go.