Litter and Rose Deep Cleansing Facial Mask

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Litter and Rose Deep Cleansing Facial MaskIt is a little known secret that most natural and unscented cat litters are made from bentonite clay. Yes, the same clay found in expensive facial masks, and the same clay that possess the ability to cleanse, tone, detox and beautify troubled skin. You see, bentonite clay is an extremely versatile entity – its ability to absorb and trap odors makes it the perfect ingredient for kitty litters, bentonite clay can even be consumed internally as a detox (we’ll save this for another post), today we are going to use it in this simple cleansing facial mask.

The main reason for using cat litter in this recipe is to save money. My quick research found a one pound bag of bentonite clay for $10 on Amazon, and a fifteen pound bag of natural cat litter for $20 – a no brainier, I know. This mask pairs the cat litter with rose water, coconut oil and chamomile essential oil – the rose water will disinfect and tone the skin while the coconut oil provide moisture and helps to shrink enlarged pores. Chamomile essential oil is excellent for blotchy skin and it can help calm inflamed skin due to acne.

Litter and Rose Deep Cleansing Facial Mask

Ingredients and Equipment:


  • Ready the double boiler on low and then add in the coconut oil, rose water and essential oil.
  • Next, fold in the cat litter and mix until a mud-like consistency is formed.
  • Transfer to the awaiting container until ready to use.

How to Use:

  • Apply the mask onto your clean neck and face in an upright motion (avoid your eyes and mouth)
  • Allow the mask to sit on your face for up to 20 minutes and then wash off with warm water.
  • Repeat this treatment up to twice a week.




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