Keep your Colon Clean – A Review/Giveaway of Healthy Bastards Colon Cleanse ends 5/15

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A ReviewGiveaway of Healthy Bastards Colon Cleanse ends 515

The colon plays one of the most important roles in the function of the body – it is the job of the large intestines to absorb the water from food particles and then excrete it from the body in the form of fecal matter. Without a optimally functioning colon, the body can become plagued with toxic waste and parasitic bacteria. Once the intestines becomes corrupted, it can influence the corruption of the rest of the bodily organs. The body can become susceptible to disease and acidity.

Many things in life affect the function of the colon, however, improper nutrition, autoimmune disorders, stress and dehydration are among the top reasons. To ensure that your colon is in peek condition, eat a diet rich in fiber, stay hydrated, learn to manage your stress and detox your colon regularly.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Healthy Bastards Colon Cleanse Detox. The top reason I was excited to try it was the fact that it is made from an all natural formula with ingredients such as bentonite clay, psyllium husk, apple pectin, flaxseed and apple pectin. The capsules are easy to swallow and I felt no ill effects after ingesting. The container houses a months supply of 60 capsules, however, because my diet contains high fiber I decided to just detox my colon for 2 weeks. I really like the gentle formula of this colon cleanse and plan to  detox with it for 2 weeks every 4 months.

Healthy Bastards is an American owned company, in addition to their colon cleanse, the also offer all natural probiotic formula, green coffee extract and saffron extract. The colon cleanse detox retails for $49.00 and the bottle it comes in is curbside recyclable  – visit their website to purchase and for more information and be sure to follow them on facebook and twitter.

Disclaimer: I received a complementary bottle of Healthy Bastards Colon Cleanse Detox to complete this honest review. All of the opinions above are my own.

Win a bottle: The generous folks at Healthy Bastards are gifting one of my readers with a bottle of all natural colon cleanse detox. The giveaway is opened to all U.S residence 18+ and it will run until 5/15. To enter, complete one, some or all of the entries on the rafflecopter form below. Thank you in advance for entering and good luck.

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