Healthier Alternatives to Condiments and Additives

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condiments and additives

Condiments and additives are those “extra-somethings” that we add to our foods to enhance the taste, invite color and encourage longer shelf-life. The trouble with such additives are that most conventional varieties are made with a host of chemicals that can degrade the health and pollute the environment. Below is a round up of a few healthier alternatives.

Healthier Alternatives to Condiments and Additives:

  • Naturally Preserve your foods: Naturally preserving your homemade foods can help deter the presence of decay, bacteria, yeast and mold. Vacuum sealing, dehydrating, freeze drying, canning, removing moisture and freezing are all easy methods of preservation. Also adding safe preservers such as ascorbic acid, citric acid and grapefruit seed extract are effective methods of preserving foods.
  • Natural food coloring: Conventional food dyes contain unnatural chemicals that can encourage the presence of free radicals and acidity. You can color your sweets and pastries naturally with derivatives of fruits and vegetables. India Tree, Color Garden and Chocolate Craft Colors all carry a line of natural food coloring. You can also make your own homemade food colors, check out this great guide here.
  • Sugar alternatives: Table sugar can be addicting and degrading to your health, nevertheless, there are many healthier alternatives to sugar that are just as satisfying to the sweet tooth, check out our sugar alternatives post here.
  • Lacto- Fermented sauces and dips: Traditional sauces, mayo’s and dips are typically made with unnatural dyes, salts, fats and other such ingredients. Making your own lacto-fermented versions is an easy way to promote health while adding flavor to bland dishes.
  • Bragg’s products: There are a few companies that offer healthier versions to conventional condiments, however, the one we can highly recommend is Bragg. Bragg is an sustainable company that strives to offer products that enhances the taste of our foods while also supporting our health and wellbeing. They offer organic versions to seasonings, dressings, marinades and apple cider vinegar. Their Liquid Aminos is the perfect substitute for soy sauce.
  • Nutritional Yeast: Nutritional yeast is a type of deactivated yeast that contains a healthy does of protein, vitamins and minerals. It  has a savory cheese-like flavor which can be used to liven up mashed potatoes, veggies, mac and cheese and other such foods.
  • Homemade seasonings: Many conventional seasonings often contains an abundance MSGs, harsh sodium and other unnatural substances that can be harmful to your health. Making your own homemade seasonings with dried herbs, spices and sea salts will ensure that you are enhancing your foods with only natural goodness.

Check out the homemade seasoning recipes below from our friends around the web: 

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