Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

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health benefits of chia seeds

In decades long gone, the humble Chia seed lived a magnificent life – a native to central Mexico, Chia seeds were traded like currency, gifted to the gods and eaten bountifully. Known scientifically as Salvia Hispania, Chia seeds is a derivative of a type of sage in the mint family. The Aztecs valued the grain immensely – they linked their enhanced health and speedy recovery to the mighty seed, and so it was eaten whole, grounded into flour, pressed of its’ oils and used as medicine.

For hundreds of years, Chia seeds were deemed mighty, it wasn’t until the conquering of Mexicio that the seed lost its value. After the conquering, chia seeds went dormant, only to be used sporadically……..until today that is.

Thanks to the long overdue health craze of today, Chia seeds are once again being recognized for its greatness. Re-introduced as a superfood, chia seeds are now highly valued in the world of alternative health. Research has determined that the humble seed is stuffed full of properties that can improve ones’ health and vitality. Below are a few of its health benefits…….

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

  • Nutritionally rich: Chia seeds are an excellent source for antioxidants, minerals and protein – it contains a surplus of omega3, calcium, iron, fiber, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, copper zinc and vitamins C, A, B, E, D

  • Hydrating: Chia seeds are hydrophillic, meaning that they have the ability to absorb water and rehydrate.

  • Enhance nutritional absorption.

  • Improves blood circulation.

  • Supports healthy hair, skin and nails.

  • Aids in digestion.

  • Supports a healthy heart.

  • Anti-inflammatory agent.

  • Fights free radicals.

How to use Chia Seeds:

Chia seeds can be added to smoothies and baked goods, sprinkled on cereals, yogurts and incorporated into jams and jellies. It only takes 1 tbsp of dry seeds a day to reap its benefits. Choose organic varieties when shopping for Chia seeds. Although side effects are minimal caution should still be exercised. Excess gas and cramping as been the most report side effect of chia seeds and persons taking blood thinners should avoid consuming.