Happy National Hug Day – health benefits of hugging and 2 ways to celebrate

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happy national hug day


Today, January 21st 2015 is national hug day – a spirited day meant to embrace the positive effects of giving and receiving hugs. Founded on this day in 1986 by Keven Zaborney, national hug day has grown to be one of the most lighthearted and heartwarming unofficial holiday celebrated the world over. The gentle contact of a hug isn’t just a pleasant thing to do, it is also one of the healthiest practices one can do…

Health benefits of Hugging:

  • Hugging releases tension, stress and anxiety.
  • Hugging can also strengthen the immune system while helping to balance blood pressure levels.
  • Good mood endorphins are released while embraced in a good hug.
  • Hugging can help strengthen both psychological and physical development.
  • Casual hugging can create non-sexual intimacy that can strengthen relationships.

Two Easy to Celebrate National Hug Day:

There are really only two ways to celebrate national hug day; by giving out free hugs and spreading the word on National Hug Day…

  1. Free hugs: When hugging your friends, family, co-workers, and strangers, it is important to ask permission first to avoid any negative reactions or awkardness. A pat on the back is always nice while embraced in a gentle squeeze and some people like to close their eyes and rock from side to side while hugging. Whatever works for you, go for it!
  2. Spread the word: spread the word by telling people it is National Hug Day. Share this post and other posts on the subject and visit the official website to purchase a few bumper stickers. Additionally, you can post “hug related” quotes and sayings on your social profiles and scream “HAPPY NATIONAL HUG DAY” from your rooftops.

While we don’t have to wait til National Hug Day to give out free hugs, it’s nice to have this day as a gentle reminder to embrace the people with whom we share the world. Happy National Hug day everyone!