Happy Arbor Day – 5 of the World’s Most Beautiful Trees

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Happy Arbor Day – 5 of the World's Most Beautiful Trees

Founded by a Nebraskan politician by the name of Julius Morton, the very first arbor day took place in 1872. This day for the trees was formed to be an inspiration and a reminder to nurture, plant and celebrate trees of all kind. Without our leafy-kin, life as we know it will cease to exist – trees provide the oxygen that we breathe and detox the air of pollution. They provide crop, shelter, shade and cool. They break harsh wind, calm our nerves, extend our lives and beautify the earth with its interesting shapes and lovely hues.

Somewhere along the way we forgot how valuable trees are – for some selfish reason we decided to cut down much more than we should and steal the green spaces for our commercial uses. There is still time to rectify the damage that we have done. Celebrate arbor day this year by planting a few trees, recycling your paper-waste and by only printing when absolutely necessary. Visit the Arbor Day Foundation for more information on how you can help the trees and save our green spaces.

5 of the World’s Most Beautiful Trees:


1: Dragon’s Blood Tree of Socotra


2: The Beautiful Banyan Tree

33: Japanese Bamboo

444: Wisteria Tree


5: Madagascar Baobabs Tree

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