Guest Post: Lavender to the Rescue

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Let lavender uplift your spirit, soothe your hurt skin, improve your circulation and clear your lungs

Herbs (medicines), while descending from heaven to earth proclaimed those who eat us, are never destroyed.” ~ Yajur Veda

 Both Western and Ayurvedic aromatherapy describe lavender and its wonderful uses. Ayurvedic medicine says that lavender balances all three doshas – vata, pitta and kapha. It holds that lavender has a calming effect and allows the body to relax. The taste is sweet and astringent and the temperature is cooling. Lavender can reduce insomnia, anxiety, depression and can help the lungs and bronchi breathe better.

According to Western aromatherapy, lavender can balance, reduce stress and also aid in soothing burns, cuts and bruises. The taste is sweet and the temperature is both cooling and warming. If someone has a fever and a rapid heart rate, lavender can reduce this overheating. Similarly, if someone has cold extremities and is feeling down, lavender can improve the circulation and uplift the mood.

Take a little time for yourself and take a comforting bath with lavender mixed in the water. Breathe in the beautiful fragrance. Feel the tension leave your body and let the positive thoughts flow through your mind. If you don’t have time to luxuriate in a bath, then inhale the lavender and pamper yourself by writing an affirmation from the Vitality FusionSecond Edition Chapter 7 Affirmation Diary. Describe the bliss you are sensing, and write a compliment about yourself. Indulge in being nice to you.

Lavender is also popular as an ingredient in sachets for your clothes or as an eye pillow. Place a sachet near your clothes so they will smell wonderful and later, as you wear the clothes during the day, let the fragrance surprise you and put a smile on your face. Or put a lavender eye pillow over your eyes for a few minutes when you need a quick pick-me-up from an especially stressful day.

Stay healthy and happy with lavender in your life.

About the Author: Susan Shane, L.Ac., is creator of Exaircise, a cross-cultural fitness program based on the primacy of breathing in global health traditions. Her book, Vitality Fusion, a Comparative, Interactive Survey of Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine, illuminates ancient and modern modalities to help readers create a customized path to optimal health. For more information, visit


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