Guerrilla Gardening – Standing up for The Environment

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There is just something so sexy about being bad. No folks, I am not talking about the kind of bad that can turn you into a lifer…….there is absolutely nothing sexy about that. I am talking about positive activism and standing up to the man cause this crap just aint right kind of bad. That kind of bad is inspiring and emotive, although it might be slightly bad in the eyes of the law.

I want to be that kind of bad. I mean yeah, I do consider myself an eco-warrior; I donate, recycle, reuse and all that other blah blah blah, and, I am pretty sure that I am helping a few people, but I got the itch to do something radical. I want to do something so drastic that it would positively impact the environment, yet subtle enough so I do not get into trouble. I wanna do something kind of like gardening,………Guerrilla Gardening to be precise.

Guerrilla gardening is the act of gardening on land that we (the gardener) do not have legal rights to. No, I am not talking about gardening your neighbor’s lawn (although the gesture may be appreciated). I am talking about gardening in urban wastelands, abandoned lots and spontaneous patches of grass. This type of gardening has been a sort of underground movement since the mid 70’s, and it is quite popular in European countries.

The Guerrilla Gardeners work in groups, usually taking to the streets at night; they walk armed with their potted plants, watering cans, hand shovels and rakes and quietly plant their selections. Then, over the next few days, weeks and months (assuming that the garden hasn’t been destroyed) the rebellious gardeners revisit their gardens and marvel, they see bees, butterflies and birds drinking from the nectar, they see animals eating from their crop, and they continue to tend to their gardens like any good green thumber would do.

Guerrilla gardening is a wonderful way to stand up for the environment. Doing so provides pollinating flowers, crops for animals and it beautifies unused green spaces. No, I will not be stalking the night to plant flowers, I am much too cowardous for that. However, I might be throwing some seed bombs. Throwing seed bombs is the much safer way of Guerrilla Gardening. A seed bomb will biodegrade and germinate, eventually budding flowers and crops. The same rules apply; find an unused splat of green and throw your seed bomb, then, patiently wait for nature to take it in. Now, I would never tell you guys to do something that is illegal. Nevertheless, I am going to share a quick seed bomb recipe I found on YouTube.

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