Ethical Shopping Guides

ethical shopping guideBeing a ethical consumer is one of the most important aspects of living more sustainably. Purchasing products and services from companies that truly care about our health and the health of the environment will encourage a Greener tomorrow. Below are brands that actively supports environmental stewardship, fair trade and natural alternatives. Thank you in advance for making your ethical purchases through our affiliations, additionally, if you have a ethical business that you would like us to include in our guides, please contact us.

Food - Non-GMO, Organic and Preservative free


Non-Dairy Milk:


Grains, Nuts, Pasta and Flours:

Meat, Fish and Eggs:

Non-Meat Alternatives:

Cereals and Bars:

Frozen Foods:

Snack Foods:

Sauces, Packaged Foods and Canned Goods:

Condiments, Oils and Dressings:

Honey, Nut Butters and Spreads:



Brands that May Contain GMOs

  • Morningstar Farms
  • Boca
  • Beech-nut
  • Infamil
  • Goodstart
  • Nestle
  • Yoplait

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