Environmental Appreciation -10 Interesting Facts about Zebras

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zebra photo: Zebra d36a29d1.jpg
Showing off their distinctive black and white pattern, zebras are among the most fascinating creatures that graze the land. However, beyond their striking beauty and their resemblances to horses, many people know little about them. Read on to learn of ten interesting facts…

10 Interesting Facts about Zebras:

  • Zebras are native to Africa and belong to a species of equids – there are three species of zebra in existence (Plains, Grevy’s and Mountain zebra) and many sub-species.
  • Zebras are kin to horses and donkeys.
  • Zebras natural habitat includes mountains, hills, woodlands and grasslands.
  • Each zebra carries a unique stripe pattern.
  • Female zebras have a gestation period of between 12 to 15 months, and they typically deliver just one foal.
  •  Zebras have an excellent sense of sight and smell which they use to stray from predators, find water and re-connect with their family.
  • Independent researchers have discovered strains of bacterium in the dung of zebras that can break down cellulose and convert it into biofuel.
  • Although often held in captivity in zoos and sanctuaries, zebras cannot be tamed like horses and donkeys.
  • Wild zebras are facing extinction largely due to habitat loss and hunting for their skin.
  • A zebra’s diet mainly consists of grass, leaves, tree bark and water – they thoroughly chew before swallowing which aids in the digestion process.