Environmental Appreciation – 10 Interesting Facts about Snails

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Beautiful snail

The almost alien-like features of the snail fascinate children all over the world aged 1 to 101. The way they glide unhurried on their journey carrying their houses on their backs inspires calm and tranquility while their translucent slime makes us eww and ahh…

10 Interesting Facts about Snails:

  • Snails are belly footed animals that belong to a group called Mollusks – there are more than 50,00 different species of snails sharing the land and sea.
  • Snails are adorable extroverts with an extreme kryptonite to salt.
  • Snails are hermaphrodites; however, they cannot reproduce on their own. Their gestation period can last up to four weeks, after which they lay up to 80 eggs.
  • Snails are nocturnal creatures that prefer to roam in dark and moist environments. Some species hibernate during the colder months – living off of their stored fat.
  • Snails are one of the slowest creatures on earth – they move approximately 1.3 cm per second.
  • The largest snail on record was a  12 inch giant African land snail.
  • Snails prefer to dine on a variety of plants, fruit, algae and seaweed.
  • The mucus slime that snails produce helps to lubricate the ground and regulates their temperature. It does not carry harmful bacteria.
  • Snails are one of the earliest inhabitants of the world – there is evidence of them gliding through the land more than 600 million years ago.
  • Snails are strong little guys – they can carry up to ten times their body weight.