Environmental Appreciation- 10 Interesting Facts about Clouds

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10 Interesting Facts about Clouds

Gliding lazily through the atmosphere making funny shapes, clouds have the ability to lift our spirits and warm our hearts with their tranquil presence. And though we love to gaze upon them as they put on their show, most of us know very little about them, until now that is…

10 Interesting Facts about Clouds:

  1. Clouds are made up of a fusion of chemicals and droplets of water and ice crystals a thousand times smaller than a rain drop.
  2. There are four main types of clouds in existence: nimbus, stratus, cirrus and cumulus. Nimbus are rain producing clouds that are gray and ominous in appearance, and stratus are the mid to low level clouds that look like flat sheets. Cumulus and cirrus are high level clouds; cumulus are the big fluffy bright white clouds while cirrus clouds are the thin and feathery ones.
  3. Every planet with an atmosphere has clouds, though not all are made up of the chemicals and water that earth clouds are made up of.
  4. Fog is stratus clouds that hover closest to the ground.
  5. Rain, hail, sleet and snow fall from the clouds due to precipitation.
  6. Clouds develop both vertically and horizontally.
  7. The beautifully painted red to orange paintings of sunsets and sunrises appear due to the reflection of scattered sunlight by the atmosphere.
  8. During the day clouds appear white because they are reflecting off the sunlight.
  9.  Some cultures believe that cumulus clouds are the spiritual cousins of elephants.
  10. Clouds are pushed across the sky by the upper level winds.

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