eco causes to support

Financially supporting ethical causes will help us restore the environment while encouraging good feelings of philanthropy.

Environmental Cause to Support

  • Wildlife Conservation Network: With help from our donations, the WCN partners with independent wildlife conservationists in 24 different countries in an continual effort to protect endangered species and preserve their natural habitat.
  • The Sierra Club: With the help of millions of supporters, The Sierra club has protected millions of wilderness acres. They are also responsible for the passing of The Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act.
  • Earth Justice: This charity uses the power of law and the strength of partnership to protect the integrity of the earth and the wildlife.
  • The Conservation Fund: 96 percent of their donated funds goes towards helping to protect America’s landscapes and waterways.
  • EcoTrust: The mission of this organization is to encourage social equality, environmental health and economic opportunity by working to protect and preserve our environment, restoring communities and creating Greener opportunities.
  • Rainforest Trust: For every $100 donated, an acre of rainforest is protected. With help from donations, the Rainforest Trust has saved over 4 million acres of endangered habitat in 17 countries.
  • Greenpeace: Greenpeace uses their monetary donations to lobby for sustainable agriculture, cleaner air and chemical free living. They help to protect our forests and oceans.
  • Women’s Voices for the Earth: The vision of this organization is to eliminate the toxic chemicals that harm us. They have convinced Johnson & Johnson to remove cancer causing chemicals from their formulas.

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