Eat your way to a Better Sex Life

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Sex can be a beautiful thing, especially if the act involves two individuals in a committed relationship, however, sex can also be the exact opposite of beautiful. Sex can be a spice-less, pleasure-less, hurty chore that doesn’t inspire or excite. When the libido becomes drained and sex becomes negative, it’s time to take a closer look at that area. While there are many different reasons for a low-libido – stress, diet and environment as well as body-conscious issues, boring relationship and illness are among the top factors. It is no secret that the food we eat plays a major part in the way our bodies operate, a drained libido can be revived if you let the food you eat be your medicine. Below are a few ways to eat your way to a better sex life.

Eat your way to a Better Sex Life:

  • Ditch processed foods: Deeply processed foods such as potato chips, sugary treats and certain canned goods can slow down the circulation of blood while also laboring the organs within, this internal stress can deter sexual desire.
  • Increase Testosterone enhancing foods: Testosterone enhancing foods includes foods that are high in zinc and B vitamins. Edibles such as nuts, dairy, red meat, oysters, wild poultry, egg yolks, nuts, brown rice, fish, liver and leafy greens are all great sources of zinc and B vitamins.
  • Increase Circulation foods: Cayenne pepper, garlic and ginger are a few of the best blood circulation foods we have available. Enhanced circulation can get the blood flowing which can result in enhanced sexual desire and longevity.
  • Ingest more Living foods: Increase your intake of foods that contain live enzymes and probiotics. Living foods such as natural yogurts, Lacto-ferments and sprouts can help balance the PH levels of the vagina. A balanced feminine environment will be free of any infections or disorders that can cause discomfort, pain or lack of desire.
  • Aphrodisiac foods: Certain foods have the ability to shoo away feelings of anxiety and stress while encouraging the release of endorphins. Dark chocolate, vanilla, raw honey, red wine, coconut water, mangoes and cinnamon are some of the best aphrodisiac foods to regularly consume.
  • Herbal remedies: Ashwanandha Root, Yohimbe, Ginseng and Ginko Biloba has been used to treat low-libido and premature ejaculation.

 More Natural ways to Enhance your Sex Life:

  • Get a physical: Low-libido can be caused by a pre-existing condition or an auto-immune disorder – visit your doctor for a complete physical and request to have your testosterone levels checked.
  • Workout: Exercising can inspire circulation, detox and flexibility.
  • Stress less: Stress can wreak havoc on your sex-drive, so determine the cause of your stress and learn to manage it.
  • Love your body: Loving your body will increase your confidence and encourage feelings of sexual freedom. Exercise to keep your body in shape, wear body-flattering clothes and keep telling yourself that you love your body.
  • Date your spouse: Often times we become bored or roommate’ish with our spouse, we let life and kids get in the way of reconnecting which can degrade the sex life. Make it a priority to date your spouse – schedule some time a few days a month in-which you let go of your demands and responsibilities and just focus on being a twosome.


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