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Medical Disclaimer:

We at Hug a Tree with Me make no claims to be medical professionals. We do not claim that any of the natural alternatives suggested on our site will cure any disease or disorder. We are not liable for any misuse of suggestions. We encourage you to visit with your doctor before starting any form of natural self-healing. Please use the suggestions posted at your own risk.

Natural Beauty Disclaimer:

We at Hug a Tree with Me make no claims that the natural beauty recommendations will cure any external ailments, instead, they are just natural alternatives to the conventional. We hold no liability to misuse of recommendations, use at your own risk.

Affiliate Disclosure:

Some of the content featured on this website contains affiliation links. Our intentions for posting such links is to help you find healthier and more sustainable alternatives while allowing us to also earn a small commission. The commission helps to keep the site running. Our promise to you is to only recommend products and services that we believe will aid you on your journey to complete wellness. We appreciate you for being loyal readers and fans of our website and we thank you in advance for making purchases through our affiliations.

Review Disclosure:

The reviews posted on our websites are of our own opinion. While we may have received complementary samples to facilitate the review, all of the opinions are our own.

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