Chase a New Dream – The Beauty of Letting Go

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 Chase a New Dream - The Beauty of Letting Go

If the dreamers of the world refused to dream then Star Wars would have never been filmed, Fifty Shades of Grey would have never been written, The Moonwalk would have never been danced, and the iPod would have never been invented. If the hopeful and faithful ones had turned their backs when things got rough then, Nelsen Mandela and Malala wouldn’t have changed our perspective, and Joel Olsen wouldn’t have led us to spiritual awareness. Times are hard for the dreamers of the world, but the world needs its dreamers – for it is you who make the ordinary seem extraordinary, the impossible seem possible, and it is you who inspire the rest of the world to dream too.

However, as important as it is to dream, it is equally important to know when it’s time to let go of that dream. The reality is, not every singer gets a record contract, not every actor becomes a star, not every athlete makes the team and not every business owner becomes a success. On the other side of dreaming is failing – however, failing at a dream isn’t failing at all; instead, it is a sign that that dream was never meant to be. It is up to you to accept your “failure” as a fresh start. you have to find the positives hiding within your “failure”, and use it as the antidote you will need to dust yourself off, and get up stronger than before.

Knowing when to Let Go:

  • Your Best isn’t Good Enough: It takes hard work, dedication, belief and a hustler’s mentality to make your dreams come true. If you have given it your all and your still standing stagnant, then it may be time to let go. Blindly chasing unreachable dreams can lead to depression and isolation. By gracefully letting go, you will be giving yourself a chance to chase new dreams.
  • You have Lost your Passion: The dreamers of the world are passionate about their talents – they do it because they love it, fame and fortune are merely secondary perks. If you have lost your passion for a dream that you have been chasing, then that dream was just a passing fantasy.
  • You are Chasing Someone Else’s Dream: Many people subconsciously chase the dreams of others – parents are great at trying to guide their children into the path that they want for them, instead of taking the time to find out what their child’s true passions are. If you find yourself chasing someone else’s dream, then it is time to stop and let go – this is your life to live, and you deserve to determine your own path.

The dreamers of the world never truly let go, they just shift direction. Therefore, if a dream that you have dreamt doesn’t see the light of day, change your definition of failure – see it as a fresh start you need to chase the dreams that are suppose to come true.