CampusBookRentals: Saving you Money while providing Beautiful Smiles

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The biggest factor that comes into play when starting on the journey to college is the cost that is usually associated with it. In addition to tuition, there is also the cost of lodging, everyday living expensive and costly textbooks to consider. The answer of course is to try to cut cost as much as you can. You can save money on living expenses by clipping coupons, cut down on tuition cost by applying for grants and save on textbooks by renting instead of buying.

Founded by Alan Martin, CampusBookRental is essentially a textbook alternative. It is an innovative company that allows you to rent the textbooks you need for that semester (you can search by author, keyword or title). They will ship it to you for free, then when you are done with if, you can ship it back to them for free. This option will allow you to save up to 90 percent when compared to purchasing and you can highlight in your rented textbooks just as you would in your own.

Another wonderful thing about this company is, they help to provide beautiful smiles! With every textbook rented, CampusBookRental donates a portion of their earnings to Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an international non-profit organization that provides free cleft surgeries to children born with the disorder. Children with unfixed clefts can suffer both physically and socially, thanks to the generosity of companies such as this one, those children will be given the chance to smile proudly.

Now, if you jumped the gun and purchased your textbooks before finding out about this company there is still away for you to earn money. Campus Book Rental has a new program called Rentback. Rentback gives you the opportunity to rent your own textbooks to other students at the end of your semester. This option allows you to earn up to 4 times more money than simply selling it.

So whether you decide to rent your textbooks or rent-out your textbooks, you will be saving money while helping to provide beautiful smiles!

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