Homemade Vegan Soap: Basic Recipe with Soap Combinations

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Natural glycerin soap is the hypoallergenic and non-irritating alternative to chemically induced conventional soap. While traditional mass produced soaps are formulated with harsh chemicals, dyes and other toxins, pure glycerin soap only include natural body loving ingredients such as coconut oil, soybean protein, palm oil and soapifying agents. Natural vegetable based glycerin provides moisture, cleanliness and hydration while balancing the PH of the skin.

I love making my own glycerin soaps to use, sell and gift away, not only is it fun and easy, the scent possibilities are seemingly endless. The recipe below is the basic combination for creating homemade vegan soap all you have to do is add your combination of essential oils, crushed spices and other natural additives to make your soap extra special.

Basic Recipe for Making Homemade Vegan Soap

Ingredients and Equipment:


  • Bring your water to boil in the double boiler on a low flame, meanwhile, cut the glycerin into cubes for a quicker melt then transfer to the double boiler. Allow the base to melt slowly. Stir occasionally.
  • Keep melted base on a low flame to avoid re-hardening,
  • Meanwhile, add the candelilla wax and the Shea butter to bowl then melt in the microwave (it melts quickly). When melted, transfer to soap base and mix with spatula,
  • Add the vitamin E oil then mix,
  • Add your combination of essential oils, natural dyes and other such natural additives,
  • Slowly pour your soap into molds (spray lightly with vinegar if bubbles form)
  • Let harden for 4 to 6 hours,
  • After your soap is hard, transfer them onto a clean and dry surface and wrap in plastic until ready to use.

*This recipe will yield you approximately 7 bars of 4oz soaps, they typically have a 6 month lifespan when wrapped in plastic*

Soap Combinations:

Oatmeal Honey and Almond Oil Soap for Dry and Irritated Skin (not vegan, contains honey):

*Mix the raw honey and almond oil to melted soap base, add chopped oatmeal last and fold until mixed together.*

Tea Tree Oil Detoxifying Soap for Troubled Skin:

*mix the charcoal and clay into melted soap base a little at a time until incorporated. To use, massage soap onto skin in a circular motion for up to 5 minutes before rinsing*

Yummy Peppermint Chocolate Soap:

*mix the cocoa power into the melted soap, add the peppermint oil and optional leaves last. fold gently until incorporated.*

Creamy Vanilla Caviar Rose Soap:

*add the drops of essential oils to melted formula then add the vanilla caviar and optional leaves. Fold gently to incorporate.*





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