8 Ways to Upcycle your Old CDs and DVDs

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8 ways to upcycle your old cds and dvds

While technology is changing the way we entertain ourselves and share information, CDs and DVDs are still a long way from being obsolete. In fact, statistics show that the average household holds at least 114 CDs and DVDs in their collection. As beneficial as these shinny disc are to us, they can be quite degrading. Discs are made from a formula of polycarbonate, aluminum, gold, metal azo and other such materials – once thrown into the landfill these discs begin to slowly release Bisphonol A into the atmosphere which is extremely hazardous. Recently as a method of waste management, landfill workers have began to incinerate the discs, however, incinerating releases toxic fumes into the air which contributes to pollution.

Nevertheless, old DVDs and CDs can actually be recycled – there are institutions hiding in plain site that collects broken discs, and then recycles them into useful products such as trash cans, building materials and automotive parts. So, instead of trashing your broken discs, collect them, and then recycle them. Visit our recycle almost everything page to find an a center near you. Additionally, you can also choose to upcycle them as craft projects, below are 8 great upcycling tutorials that features old discs.

8 Ways to Upcycle your Old CDs and DVDs:

Cd Sun catcher CD sun Catcher by Stay at Home Life


b  CD Spinners by Spoonful


100_3853  Altered CD Notebook or Journal by Mi Vida Azarl


e DVD Case Accordion Picture Frame by Crème De La Craft


clock instructions 4 DVD/CD Clock by Crafty Confessions


full_100_8490_1304499929 Mosaic CD Mirror by Cut out and Keep


P1000576 Kid’s Pizza Activity by To Create or not To Create


stenciled-CD-coasters-1-600x450 Stenciled CD/DVD Coasters by Crafts by Amanda





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