8 Ways to Green Up your Wardrobe

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8 Ways to Green Up your Wardrobe

From the moment we enter the world to the moment we leave it, we are cuddled by some form of clothing. With the exception of bathing and canoodling, our clothes are always on us – they hug our skin to provide privacy, and allow us to shield away the weather while expressing our styles. However, as good as our wardrobe of wears has been to us, they do have an ugly side – our clothing is a polluter of the earth, in fact, the clothing industry is one of the most eco-degrading.

I know, it’s hard to think that your pretty pieces of clothing can have such a negative impact, but most of them do. Before your conventional clothing gets to you, they are made with the use of unsustainable materials that are processed with chemical dyes, bleaches, synthetic solvents and PVC. The clothing is then treated with formaldehyde and sent to travel long distances. And some brands force their workers to sew your clothing under sweatshop conditions. However, as harsh as clothing is on the environment, there are small changes that we can make to Green Up our wardrobe, consult the 8 tips below.

 8 Ways to Green Up your Wardrobe:

21: Shop ethically: Ethical shopping means that you are purchasing wears that cause minimal upset to the environment, animals and workers. Ethical Consumer has compiled helpful buyers guides of clothing companies to avoid and support and EcoMall has created a list of sustainable companies.





2: Sustainable fabrics: When shopping at conventional clothing stores look for clothing made from sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and wool as well as bamboo, hemp, linen and recycled polyester. Amazon has great selections of sustainable clothing.



43: Shop secondhand: Instead of buying new, purchase secondhand clothing from swaps, auction sites, thrift shops and yard sales. Buying secondhand will extend the life of the clothing while saving you money. Consult The Thrift Shopper to find thrift shops near you. Also checkout Ebay and Swap Style often for cute secondhand clothing.





4: Support ethical handmade: Etsy is the probably the best place to snag adorable handmade clothing made from ethical fabrics. Supporting handmade will ensure continual success to the artisan while also helping to protect the environment.



65: Donate your old clothing: Instead of trashing your outdated clothing, donate them to a local charity. Visit Donation Town to find a charity nearest you. Also, you can donate your old and broken sneakers to Nike’s Reuse a Shoe Program.



76: Laundry sustainably: The way you wash and dry your clothing can pose ill-health on the eco-system, visit our Green Up your Laundry post to learn how to laundry more sustainably.




87: Stay away from low quality: Avoid the purchase of low quality clothing and shoes usually found in discount stores, such clothing are usually made unethically. Also, low quality clothing is a waste of money, they tend to get worn out faster which means that you will have to buy more frequently.



18: Make your own clothing: In times of old, being a seamstress was the norm, today however, it is a dying art. Making your own clothing with sustainable fabrics can save you money while giving you a sense of pride and lessening your environmental footprint. Visit The D.I.Y Dreamer for their beginners guide to sewing and visit Amazon’s Kindle Store to find inexpensive beginners Ebooks.



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