8 Simple ways to Green Up your Bedroom

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8 Simple ways to Green Up your Bedroom

Most of you look to your bedrooms as a temporary retreat to the demanding demands of the day’s events, and that’s exactly what it should be. However, the way you clean, relax and decorate can be negatively affecting your health and the health of the environment. In fact, studies suggest that if you make small changes in your bedroom habits, you can actually erase symptoms of insomnia – some of those same changes can also lesson your environmental footprint. Below are 8 simple ways to Green Up your Bedroom.

8 Simple ways to Green Up your Bedroom:

1 1: Sleep on organic: Sleeping on organic bedding can promote deep REM sleep by deterring allergies and irritation. Unlike their synthetic counterparts which are made with unsustainable materials, harsh gasses and dyes, organic bedding are made more holistically. Organic beds, sheets and pillows are made with materials that are sustainable and clean of chemicals, unnatural dyes and gasses. The frames are recyclable and some varieties are completely biodegradable. While organic bedding may be more costly than the conventional, they usually have a longer lifespan than the traditional.


12: Use solar lighting: Turn of the lights and use solar powered lamps to save money and energy.






13: Houseplants: Ditch the chemical odor eaters and adorn your space with beautiful houseplants. They will naturally absorb the odor causing bacteria and allergens from the air. Also, place small plants near your pillow, the fresh oxygen will help to release relaxing endorphins and promote REM sleep.




14: Decorate minimally: The less stuff you have equals the less clutter you create and the less trash you generate.





1 5: Eco décor: Choose paintings and fixtures that were made with sustainable materials that can be easily recycled. Look for furniture that was made with salvaged materials and alternatives such as bamboo, cork, metal and paper.





16: Blackout curtains: Choose beautiful blackout curtains to decorate your windows – they will help regulate the temperature of your space while also deterring light and noise pollution and saving you money on your energy bill.





1 7: Sustainable flooring: Much like the décor, choose flooring that were made with sustainable materials. Salvaged wood, bamboo and cork are all eco-friendly and long lasting. Also, there are eco carpets available that are made with recycled plastic.




1 8: Green clean: Get rid of the chemical cleaners and opt for cleaner varieties. The chemicals can pollute the air while also posing ill health. Hang lavender sachets on your doors, in the closets and under your pillows to fill your space with relaxing scents, and clean with formulas that are made with only natural ingredients.

Now that you are on this journey to sustainable living, it is up to you to find more Eco-friendly ways to doing life, because everything you do affects the fragile environment.