Environmental Appreciation – 7 Interesting Facts about Termites

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 7 Interesting Facts about Termites

No other insect is loathed by property owners more than the hard-working termites. The bad behavior of those little critters has cast them aside as destructive, annoying and down right pesty. However, termites are actually more friend than foe, and they would be less of an issue if we weatherize our wood, keep moisture at bay, inspect our property often and apply natural termite control. Below are seven interesting facts about termites…

7 Interesting Facts about Termites:

  1. Termites have a sweet tooth for cellulose and will devour anything that contains it, including books, cardboard, doors, walls, beams and furniture.
  2. Their love for cellulose makes termites one of our best natural recyclers as they help decompose organic matter. In fact, in some parts of the world, cellulose-containing waste is thrown into termite occupied regions to decompose faster.
  3. Termites help to improve the fertility of the soil by the process of aeration.
  4. There are 4 types of termites in the world – damp wood, dry wood, subterranean and mound builders – of those 4 types, only five percent venture to indoor environments.
  5. Termites can live in large colonies that contain several million members.
  6. Termites are an excellent source of protein for birds, frogs, spiders, beetles and flies.
  7. Although they are not closely related, termites are often mistaken for white ants.