6 Easy Ways to Save Money on Eco-friendly Products

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6 Easy Ways to Save Money on Eco-friendly Products

One of the main reasons why more people aren’t going Green is because of the exuberant cost often associated with it. It is true, because the demand for isn’t yet high enough, living the Eco-friendly lifestyle can be a tad-bit more expensive than living conventionally. Nevertheless, there are many ways to save your hard-earns, below are six easy suggestions…

6 Easy Ways to Save Money on Eco-friendly Products:

  1. Make it yourself: Purchasing raw materials and making products yourself can be a lot cheaper and cleaner than buying the ready-made eco-items. Invest in high quality DIY equipment such as a dehydrator, blender, mixer, scales, recyclable containers and other such equipment, and then learn how to make your own flours, sprouted breads, fruit leathers and so on. Making your own alternative milks such as hemp milk and coconut milk is easier than you may think, and formulating your own cleaning and beauty products is a lot of fun. Also, starting your own organic garden will allow you to save big on produce while also fostering your love for nature.
  2. Clip those coupons: Search the conventional circulars for eco-coupons, also, sign up to receive the newsletters to your favorite eco-brands and they will reward you with valuable coupons and discount codes. Search online for eco-coupons on sites such as mambo sprouts, HealthESavers and common kindness. Recycle Bank will rewards you with redeemable points and coupons for completing various eco-activities.
  3. Split the Pot: Pool shopping is a really great way to save big! Recruit a group of Green minded friends and family, each of you contribute a financial snippet, order a bulk of eco-items, and when it arrives, split the goods accordingly. Buying in bulk also cuts down on waste, as less packaging and emissions are being used.
  4. Comparison shop: It is a good idea to have more than one sustainable outlets to shop from, this will allow you to compare between prices and brands.
  5. Earn amazon dollars: Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop for greener alternatives, they have partnered with many establishments that rewards amazon dollars in exchange for completing micro-jobs, particularly completing surveys. Yes, I know, surveys can be torturous, but, it will be worth it in the end. I try to complete at least four surveys a week on my free time, then I and make one bulk purchase after saving my amazon dollars for about 6 months. Most of the time, I come out not having to pay a dime out-of-pocket. There are many legit survey sites around, but my top four are, MySurvey, Valued Opinions, Springboard America and Mindfield Panel. Additionally, you can install the Bing toolbar and swagbucks toolbar to earn Amazon dollars when you search the web through them.
  6. Buy generic: Just like there are generic options for conventional products, there are also generic options for Greener products, you just have to know where to look. Amazon carries a large inventory of all natural generic beauty supplies that are just as quality as the brand names, only a lot cheaper. Additionally, you can shop around on eBay, and visit your international supermarkets if you are lucky enough to live near one.

The price for eco-friendly will eventually drop as the demand becomes higher, therefore, we should not shy away from purchasing because of the expense, instead, we should find ways to save –  the earth, our bodies and our wallets will all be happier and healthier due to our efforts.

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