6 Apps that Can Help Grow Greener Kids

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6 Apps that can Help Grow Greener Kids

Apps came in to our lives a few short years ago and introduced us to a new way of learning and entertainment. Since its invent, we’ve played games that we never thought we’d master and learned lessens that we didn’t know we needed to learn. Yep, apps has proven to be one of the best helpers available, and as technology continues to grow, the clarity and definition of our beloved apps will just keep on getting better.

Kids are especially attracted to the cuteness and versatility of apps, which can be very beneficial when you are trying to instill greener values. The goal is to instill in them, a genuine love and appreciation for the environment so that they grow up wanting to care for it – well, there are apps for that! Below are 6 eco-friendly apps that can help grow greener kids.

6 Apps that can Help Grow Greener Kids:

1: Recycle Hero for Kids: Teaches kids about recycling and caring for the environment in an excited way, includes 36 levels.




1 2:Ansel and Clair: Little Green Island: An award winning app with 18 creative levels with objectives such as clearing trash, planting trees and cleaning animals suck in oil.






3:JouleBug: Perfect for tweens and older, JouleBug is a app packed with practical info on how to save energy.





1 4:Eviana 4 – Pollution: Developed for preschoolers, Eviana is a interactive musical that allows you to help Eviana protect the environment from pollution.





1 5:MarcoPolo Ocean: This is a oceanic discovery app that allows kids to explore the deep sea, build coral reefs and more.





1 6:Trashers: Winner of the best kids award, Trashers allow players to race through the town cleaning things up.





One thing’s for sure, if it isn’t fun, then kids usually want no part of it. Bringing the fun and excitement out of living greener is the best way to encourage eco-love.