5 Practical Ways to Keep eWaste out of Landfills

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keep eWaste out of landfills

It has been estimated that the world throws away approximately 50 million tons of eWaste every year – everything from computers to tablets, smartphones, television sets, gaming systems and household electronics are sent to the landfills to be either incinerated or buried. The trouble with that is, electronics are manufactured with a host of different materials and chemicals that can pose ill-fate to the environment and our health. However, electronic waste are among the most salvageable products being trashed – below are five practical ways to keep them out of the landfills…

5 Practical Ways to Keep eWaste out of Landfills:

  1. Sell them: If there is life left in your outdated electronics, then there is value in them. You can sell your various electronics on online auction websites such as ebay, Amazon and craigslist. Additionally, you can sell them at buyback websites such as Gazelle, uSell, Guzu and BuyMyTronics.com 
  2. Recycle them: Many components of broken electronics can be salvaged and recycled. Visit our Recycle almost Everything page to find places to recycle your broken electronics.
  3. Donate them: Working electronics are always trending in the world of donations. Visit our Donate almost Everything page to find places to donate your working electronics.
  4. Upcycle them: Components such as keypads, circuit boards, cords and CDs can be upcycled into artwork, jewelry, toys and furniture – check out our “Don’t Trash it, Upcycle it” board on pinterest for more inspiration. Additionally you can send your broken electronics to terracycle to upcycle.
  5. Re-gift: There is nothing wrong with re-gifting your old-yet-working electronics. If you no longer want the item, and you know someone who would appreciate it – re-gift it.

A massive chunk of what we throw into the landfills, can be left out. It is up to us to sort though our trash and salvage as much as we can.