5 Easy ways to Upcycle old Clothing

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old clothes

The majority of the clothing we purchase are made from a blend of non-biodegradable synthetic fibers and petrochemical additives. When such materials are thrown into the landfills, they pollute. It is our duty as stewards of the environment to extend the life of such conventional clothing so that they never see a landfill. The top  four ways to do so is to sell them at yard sales or on auction sites and consignment shops, recycle them, donate them and upcycle them. In addition, purchasing sustainable clothing made from hemp, bamboo and organic cotton is a wonderful environmental investment – such fibers are biodegradable and natural clothing typically have a longer life span than clothing made from synthetic fibers. Check out the 5 easy upcycled clothing videos below for more inspiration…

Upcycled Denim Backpack

Easy Crochet Rag Rug

T-Shirt Lampshade

Recycled Clothing Yarn

Upcycled Tee-Skirt