5 Daily Practices to Promote a Happy Mind

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The life of an adult can be a roller coaster ride of negativity, disappointments and tears. Life can be a bully that knocks us down and keep us down if we let it, and often times, we do let it. We let the ugliness of life blind us from the beauty of it, we let our hurts steal our happiness away to the point where we are no longer living, just merely existing. However, as crazy as this may sound, it is possible to be truly happy whilst in the midst of self-improvement. It is possible to smile through the pain and to believe in better days even when the odds are against you. Of course it won’t be simple. Generating a happy mind takes constant exercise – practices the one, some or all of the five suggestions daily to promote a constant state of optimism.

5 Daily Practices to Promote a Happy Mind:

  1. Self-valuing affirmations: Each and every one of us are born of high-value, however the cruelty of society often clouds our mind, making us believe that we are “less-than.” We subcoutiously abuse ourselves when we fail or become disappointed. We tell ourselves that we are not good enough, we degrade our value to the point where we start to believe it. Reverse this self-bullying attitute by constantly feeding yourself self-valuing affirmations – close your eyes and feed your mind with affirmations such as: “I am beautiful, I am important, I am brave, I am strong and I value myself” – repeat it until your mind believes it.
  2. Do something selfless: Make it an effort to do something completely selfless every single day. These selfless acts doesn’t need to be big to make a difference, in fact, it is the little acts of kindness that touch the most. You can do things like post positive quotes in your community, holdthe door open for someone, share something with your peers at work or school or just by say hello to a stranger. Being selfless warms the heart and releases good mood endorphins.
  3. Find reasons to smile: There are more reasons in life to smile than there is to cry, it’s just that we have mastered the art of focusing on our issues instead of looking at our blessings. Take time out of your day to find reasons to smile. Be thankful for your life and for your family, watch something funny or read uplifting stories.
  4. Breathe deeply: The simple act of breathing deeply can encourage feeling of pure happiness. Take a few moments to breathe deeply upon rising and before slumber. Lay comfortably with your eyes closed and your body relaxed. Take 10 slow and deep breaths while filling your mind with thoughts of joy.
  5. Do something you love: We often go through life doing the things that we have to do instead of doing the things that we want to do. Schedule some daily time to fuel your passions – if you love to sing, then sing everyday, if you love to dance, then dance everyday.

We were blessed with the gift of life so we owe it to ourselves and to the people around us to be as happy as we can be. Remember that regardless of the situation you are in, it is only temporary. Stressing and worrying will just make you bitter, let go of those negative feelings and be happy knowing that life is good. Find the good parts in life and live in that.

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