4 Simple Ways to Recycle your Hair

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4 Simple Ways to Recycle your Hair

I have been growing my hair out of chemical relaxers for over a year now, and as my texture began to change, my hair started to break off significantly. I was literally throwing away balls of broken-hair everyday. The routine trip to the trash can lead me to investigate the recycablity of human hair.

It is estimated that we humans lose approximately 100 strands of hair from our scalps every day, which is less than impressive when we consider the fact that a healthy body of hair consists of over 100,000 strands. The hair grows in three stages – growing, stagnant and shedding. At any given time, certain parts of the hair is active in each stage, which explains why we see shed everyday. In addition to daily shedding, we lose even more hair when get a trim. It may seem a bit unorthodox to recycle our hair, but the simple act is far better than generating trash and funking up the landfills…

5 Simple Ways to Recycle your Hair:

  1. Compost it: Human hair happens to be a perfect source of nitrogen, which makes it effective at influencing fertile soil. Additionally, human hair takes approximately two years to decompose – its ability to repel air and water makes it an excellent slow-release fertilizer. You can either add a handful of finely chopped chemical-free hair into your compost bin, or add it to your organic mulch before using.

  2. Turn it into Art: Hair art is actually a big deal – artisans around the world collect human hair and then transform them into beautiful pieces of art. Hair can be upcycled into wearable jewelry, figurines and sculptures to name a few. Check out this eBook titled Victorian Hair Work and Fun Hair Crafts for inspiration.

  3. Give it to the birds: Nesting birds are always on the lookout for materials to insulate their nests. They are often seen with synthetic fibers in their beaks when twigs are hard to find. leave strands of hair close to areas where birds frequent, it will make a beautiful nests and then when the family has flown away, the nest will naturally biodegrade.

  4. Sell or Donate it: If you are considering a major hair cut – you can sell your bundle at Online Hair Affair or donating it to  Locks of Love.