12 Ways to Change your Life in Two Weeks

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Worthwhile accomplishments usually takes time and patience is usually required when you are going after a goal. The doctor doesn’t get his degree in a day, 6 pack abs doesn’t just appear and some of us may have to kiss a lot of frogs before finding our prince. Nevertheless, not all life-changing moments takes time, in fact there are many quick actions you can make that can positively change your life forever, below are twelve of them…

12 Ways to Change your Life in Two Weeks:

  1. Drinking three cups of warm lemon water spiked with a pinch of cayenne pepper every day for two weeks can strengthen your immunity, purge your body of acidic buildup, speed up circulation and shrink your waistline.
  2. Dancing three minutes every day for two weeks can release good mood endorphins, increase energy levels and ward away depression.
  3. Serving your community every day for two weeks can transform you into a selfless and compassionate person.
  4. Walking more instead of driving every day for two weeks can inspire a healthy lifestyle while lessening your environmental footprint.
  5. Taking a two-week vacation away from work and routine can generate happiness and eliminate stress.
  6. Concentrating on your blessings instead of your mishaps every day for two weeks can drastically change your perspective – suddenly you will begin to realize how blessed you are and how abundant your life truly is.  
  7. Drinking a shot of apple cider vinegar, water and raw honey every night for two weeks can eliminate insomnia while promoting restful REM sleep.
  8. Watching good news instead of bad news every day for two weeks will reaffirm your faith in humanity. Hearing stories of humanitarianism and philanthropy will inspire a kind heart.
  9. Massaging your troubled skin with aloe vera every day for two weeks can help balance your skin’s PH.
  10. If you pack your own lunch every day for two weeks, you will be a little healthier and a little richer.
  11. Watching to Joel Olsen on Youtube every day for two weeks can lead you towards a stronger relationship with God. As a messenger of the word – his sermons are powerful enough to erase your doubts, fears and worries.
  12. Drinking eight 8 oz glasses of pure water every day for two weeks can promote detox, lengthen oxygen reach and enhance digestion.