10 Healthy Ways to be a Kid Again

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“Mom can I  please stay up late today?” kid asks in a pleady voice

“Absolutely not, you have school tomorrow, now get up stairs and go to bed.”

“Mannnn, it’s not even fair, I never get to do anything……… I can’t wait to grow up.” kid screams in a whinny voice

“You won’t be saying that when you’re my age……….. trust me, these are the best years of your life.” mom retaliates

“Being a kid is stupid mom…….I can’t stay up late, I can only go over my friends house on the weekend, and I can’t have a snack until I finish my stupid dinner.”

“Girl, you have no idea how lucky you are to be a kid.” mom says while slowly shaking her head

Chances are that at some point in your frustrated youth, you’ve had a conversation that vaguely resembles the one above. It’s such a cruel joke that we only come to realize the value of youth long after the years have sped on by. Don’t give me wrong, being an adult has its perks, nevertheless, nothing can compare to the carefree years of kiddom. Sadly, we cannot turn back the hands of time, but, we can still be kids – we can choose to be young at heart, because thinking and acting like a kid is the best remedy for the mind and the soul. We can refuse to grow up if growing up means stressing and crying and worrying over things we can’t control. We can refuse to grow up if it means, all work and no play. Life is a gift that is meant to be enjoyed, if your years of adulthood is bumming you out, try being a kid again.

 10 Healthy Ways to Be a Kid again:

  1. Be free: Be that kid who is swinging on the swing with his eyes closed and his mind free from worry, stress, fear and doubt. Be like the kids playing in the rain, giggling as the droplets dampens their face, be free. It is easy to be free……just let go of the negative entities that is paralyzing you – meditation, prayer and positive affirmations can certainly help.
  2. Be confident: Be confident in yourself and in your worth. Know that you are a valued asset to yourself, your family and to the world.
  3. Be brave: Be like the kids that play with those scary looking bugs and ride those crazy roller coasters. Face your fears, reach for the stars and just be brave.
  4. Get excited: Get excited about every little accomplishment and achievement.
  5. Sing and dance: Sing like no one can hear you and dance like no one can see you.
  6. Be honest: Kids are the most honest beings in the world –  if they like something, they will let you know, and if they don’t, they will certainly let you know. Be like that, be honest with yourself and with those around you because dishonesty is negative and nothing positive can come out of that.
  7. Play: Play hard and play often.
  8. Learn something new: Never stop learning because learning is rewarding – it builds confidence, pride and ambition.
  9. Spoil yourself: Kids deserve to be spoiled and so do you. Be selfish once in a while, and spoil yourself – go to the spa, buy a new outfit and take spontaneous vacations.
  10. Eat your treats: Being healthy is less about depriving yourself of your favorite treats and more about including healthy foods into your diet. As long as the majority of the foods you eat is healthy, you can eat your treats without feeling guilty.

Life is good people, don’t let the responsibilities of being an adult keep you from enjoying it!


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