10 Easy Ways to Be a Greener Driver

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10 Easy Ways to Be a Greener Driver

Vehicles are one of the most polluting entities that aids us,  even the Greenest ones pollute. From production to use, our cars degrade the world. They require mass amounts of material and energy to manufacture, and they expel carbon dioxide and fluid when they run. The drilling for oil disrupts the eco-system and the refineries pollute the air. And, even though the “Greener” vehicles are the lesser of the two evils, they still require water and energy to run. Nevertheless, our vehicles has become an almost necessity in our commute – they allow us to travel farther and quicker, and to be more efficient in our schedules and organized in our chores, and all it’s costing us is the environment. However, there are tiny practices that we can implement in our daily travels to help us lessen our footprint, below are ten.

10 Easy Ways to Be a Greener Driver:

  1. Drive safely: Avoid frequent stops and starts, speeding and acceleration – driving recklessly emits more CO2s than safe driving does.
  2. Cruise baby: Get better gas mileage by setting your cruise control on the highways.
  3. Clean your car: Remove unnecessary items from your car as the extra weight means more fuel use.
  4. Plan before you drive: Plan out your day and determine the quickest routes to get your chores done. Planning is a excellent way to save money and gas.
  5. Eco accessories: There are more sustainable options to almost all of the accessories you keep in your car. Seek out greener car mats, wheel coverssolar car battery chargers and natural car fresheners.
  6. Less air conditioning: Avoid using your air conditioner if possible, instead, use sun reflectors when your car is parked and roll down the windows to feel the breeze, or use solar powered car fans.
  7. Maintain your car: Use more eco friendly car oil and be certain that your engine is properly tuned and that your air filter is upgraded.
  8. Upgrade your gas sucker: Upgrade your older car to a newer one that gets better gas mileage. The greener cars are more sustainable and economical.
  9. Sell or donate your old car: There is value in old cars as many parts can be salvaged – tires can be recycled and metal components can be reused. The accessories can also be salvaged.
  10. Drive less: The best way to be a green driver is to drive less. Walk the shorter distances, car pool with your workmates or take public transportation if you can.

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