10 Easy Steps to Success

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  I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug a little over six years ago. However, it wasn’t until a few years later that I finally took action. After carefully deliberating, I managed to convince myself that my talent to create handmade beauties would bring about swift success and oodles of pride, so I quit my day job and jumped head first on my journey. However, things didn’t turn out the way I thought they would. Success didn’t come swiftly, and I wasn’t overflowing with feelings of pride – instead, I made a lot of mistakes, and I wasted a lot of money and time. The disappointments kept on coming which bruised my confidence, but, every time I thought about throwing in the towel, a little voice in the back of my head kept telling me to press-on.

Don’t give me wrong, I am nowhere close to where I want to be on this journey, but I am closer today than I was yesterday, and I am hopeful and confident about the future. When I started to change my thoughts, as well as my attitudes and strategies, my mind began to clear, and the barriers that I subconsciously built began to break…

10 Easy Steps to Success:

  • Set realistic goals: It is more realistic to say that you will lose 10 pounds in 20 weeks than to say that you will lose those pounds in two weeks. Setting unrealistic goals can lead to depression, frustrations and failure. Determine where you want to be in life and set realistic goals in which to get there.
  • Take action: It is one thing to dream a dream but in order to make that dream come true, you must take action. If you are passionate about your dream then take the necessary steps to making that dream a reality. If you want to open a store front – determine your budget and location and then figure out how to fund your business and make the actions to get it started.
  • Face your fears: There is a lot of fear that goes into reaching for the stars – fear of failure, fear of success and fear of ability. It is important to face your fears or you may never reach your full potential.
  • Stay focused: Do not push your passions aside, always see your goals in front of you and stay focused on reaching them.
  • Break through the window: If every door is closed, break through the window! There is always an ethical way to achieve your goals and be successful, it is up to you to find them. Pray and meditate on your desires and dreams – search for inner peace and clarity and you will find your path to success.
  • One day at a time: Did you know that the it took the group, Destiny’s Child fifteen years to see worldwide success? They wasn’t born into stardom, instead, they hustled, fueled their passion and they took their journey one day at a time. Don’t look at how far you have left to go to reach your goals in life, instead, look at how far you have come. When you reflect on your progress, it will refresh your desire and jump start your motivation to succeed.
  • Thank your mistakes: There will be bumps on the road to success, do not allow those bumps to fill you with self-doubt, instead, use your mistakes to strengthen you and fill you with determination and a stronger desire to reach your goals. 
  • Stay positive: It may take an immense amount of strength to stay positive when negativity arise, but still you must. Do not listen to degrading thoughts of failure and doubt, instead, force yourself to think about the positives hiding inside those negative situations.
  • Dream a new dream: Dreamers never quit, instead, they find desires in new dreams when its becomes obvious that their present dream was never meant to be.
  • Find balance: Taking action and being focused are essential to success, however, it is important that they are balanced in your life. You must not become so obsessed with your goals that you isolate other important aspects of your life – there is nothing positive in that. Instead, you have to find ways to incorporate your goals in your life so that balance is reached.